Antifouling and boat detailing affordable in all Auckland Area


underwater hull cleaning auckland area

Our services include looking after the inside of your boat

After returning from an enjoyable cruise out on the briny, you leave the boat in a rush and don't have time to clean up.

Perhaps in winter she has been closed up for too long, she gets that musty damp smell and just needs a freshen up

We can come and clean everything on the inside, wipe and clean all surfaces, clean and deodorise fridges and stoves.

Degrease engine rooms and bilges

Above and Below Marine now offer fabric, squab, bunk, felt and carpet cleaning services. As we are working in smaller spaces extra care is taken not to knock cabinetry and over dampen glued fabric

When your fabrics are clean, healthy and protected, it prolongs its life protects it from accumulating stains and dust, this creates a helthier environment for you and your family.

After we have completed the clean we will place our dehumidifier inside until she is all fresh and dry again.