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Sunset on the Sea

Why regular antifouling
is so important

Without antifouling your hull, your vessel will become a breeding ground for all types of marine life, barnacles, weeds and more invasive creatures.

The build-up of biofouling on marine vessels poses a significant problem. In some instances, the hull structure and propulsion systems can be damaged.

We are all very fortunate to enjoy boating in the most beautiful part of the world. As we appreciate this, we acknowledge the huge importance of ensuring our Hauraki Gulf can be enjoyed by more generations to come. Keeping a handle on our vessels biofouling will contribute to this.

Excessive fouling
may lead to

Any Yacht owner that races will know the importance of keeping the hull smooth and

free of any fouling to avoid unnecessary drag

Can obstruct the

engines water intakes causing overheating

We offer free services such as assisting our owners to bring the boat around in inclement weather.

We don't charge any extra than quoted if we have spent a couple of hours completing minor repairs, filling, fairing and priming. We don’t cut corners, we use the correct amount of antifoul that is specified on your vessels measurement.


We take care of your boat and insure that antifouling overspray and other contaminates are kept off your vessel whilst on the hardstand.

We are happy to work with other contractors to get the job done in a timely manner and as we are at the hardstand we can help manage the whole project for no extra cost.


For example if she requires more than antifouling, we can arrange other contractors for engine servicing, touch ups, vinyl replacement, and repairs etc.

Ready to book in your antifoul?

We offer advice on the different Antifouls available, which Antifoul

will suit your boat, her existing antifoul, her locality and your budget.


"Last year I purchased a six year old Oceanis 40. The vendor had been very poor with his hull maintenance, so I decided to remove all the old antifouling, re-prime the hull, and apply new antifoul. I started the job, after two days of scraping became totally over the size and difficulty of what I had started, then called Bryce. His team had the hull cleaned off in just over a day, filled and faired areas that had never been done at boat launch, epoxy primed, and painted the boat so it looked like new. It was so good, I got them to cut and polish the topsides as well. Extremely pleased with the result, and I will be using them again this year."

Dave Frederic Commodore Ponsonby Cruising Club, owner Antipodes II



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