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Why Propspeed 
is so important

Above & Below Approved Applicators Of Propspeed
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Propspeed makes the wet surface of the water similar to the surfaces treated with the polish well that the boat can keep its maximum performance for longer than with any other treatment.

The growth of shellfish and marine growth on the surface, especially of the propellers, due to resistance that results in loss of performance. This is usually compensated by an increased power demand and consequently in increased fuel consumption.

Keeping the surface smooth and clean for a long time Propspeed allows to obtain the maximum performance of the propellers and the significant reduction in consumption.

We are approved applicators of Propspeed

Propspeed is an antifouling paint made with a revolutionary combination that keeps the surfaces free from growth of shellfish and marine vegetation avoiding the loss of speed.


"We normally hear lots when things go bad but very little when things go well so I wanted to take the time to write and thank you for what I can only call exceptional customer service by both you and Paul. I rang you with concerns over cracked fairing in my hull/keel joint after the boat was lifted from her cradle the night before resplashing, instead of the standard 'nothing I can do' answers we receive most of the time from most suppliers you responded by jumping in your car, driving across Auckland in peak hour traffic and working late into the evening to provide me with a solution I was happy with.


Paul then got up early to ensure the new filler was sanded, primed and painted before I was dropped back in the water. Exceptional customer service and the kind of customer commitment that keeps your customers coming back year after year. Thanks again, really appreciated."

Stephen Stones - Villanelle

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