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Boat Repairs 

Above & Below Vessel Repairs
Above & Below Boat Repairs

If you notice any chips, scrapes,
or gouges in the exterior of your boat, it is important to fix the damage asap

Especially if the damage exposes the fiberglass matting underneath. This can allow moisture to penetrate into the boat’s layup and cause Gelcoat blistering down the track.

Cracking, crazing, and blistering in Gelcoat are common.  Most cracks or crazing appear gradually over time and are the result of the outer surface of the boat flexing. It follows that the longer cracks are left, the more extensively and deeply they may spread, until eventually the integrity of the panel can become compromised.


We are lucky to have two skilled Boatbuilders with 30 years experience between them working with us.

Above & Below Repairs

Boat Maintenance Plans

We offer customisable cleaning and polishing services tailored to your boat's needs, designed to fit seamlessly into your schedule and ensure your vessel is in pristine condition for your upcoming cruise.


Many of our satisfied clients opt for monthly washes, occasional touch-ups as needed, and polishing every six months, providing excellent protection for your boat.


These maintenance plans effectively safeguard your vessel's gelcoat, preserving its condition and longevity. We provide these services at budget-friendly rates to keep your boat looking its best


Windcraft New Zealand employ the services of Above and Below Marine for all of our antifoul requirements. We have found them to be very professional and a pleasure to deal with. All their work has been completed on time, to the dollar value as quoted and to a very high standard. We would have no hesitation in recommending them to any of our customers.

Dominic Lowe - Team Windcraft New Zealand Branch Manager

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