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Image by Roberto Nickson

Every boat is unique,
we offer tailored plans
to meet the needs of your vessel.

Your boat represents a significant investment, and its proper care is paramount in preserving both its exposed surfaces and its overall value. Boaters understand how elements like sun exposure and saltwater can gradually affect materials such as fiberglass, gel coat, metal, and vinyl.

Upon your return from a delightful cruise, there might be instances where you disembark hastily without the opportunity for a thorough clean-up. Or in colder months, when the vessel has been closed for extended periods, it may have develop a damp, musty odour.

Above & Below your solution to hassle-free interior maintenance.


We offer a comprehensive service designed to alleviate the burden, encompassing tasks such as surface cleaning, fridge and stove sanitation, and the thorough degreasing of engine rooms and bilges. After we have completed the clean we will place our dehumidifier inside until she is all fresh and dry again.

We now offer fabric, squab, bunk, felt and carpet cleaning services




Our detailing services play a vital role in safeguarding your boat. We expertly seal and protect your gel coat, effectively extending the lifespan of your vessel. Metal surfaces receive thorough polishing to eliminate corrosion and prevent future damage, while regular glass polishing and sealing maintain clarity and prevent yellowing or clouding.

Our team takes immense pride in our work and stays consistently busy, thanks to our reputation for excellence. Our comprehensive services include wet detailing, non-skid surface scrubbing, and the cleaning and polishing of vinyl and clears.


We meticulously hand-polish all stainless steel components and address oxidation issues. Additionally, we specialize in polishing, sealing, and protecting your boat's gel coat or painted surfaces, effectively prolonging your vessel's life.

Image by NEOM

Teak wood radiates its natural
beauty when properly maintained


Neglected teak can develop a slippery surface due to algae buildup, which can then leach onto gelcoat and painted surfaces, potentially causing damage.


To ensure your teak receives the care it deserves, regular maintenance is essential, with at least an annual upkeep.


Upon request, we also provide teak treatment and oiling to prevent it from becoming excessively dry.


Leave it to us to take care of your tiring of teak


An Impeccable Hygiene System

for your boat

The Ozone Machine is a revolutionary device who value cleanliness, hygiene, and a healthy environment. This compact and portable machine utilizes the power of ozone to sanitize the air and surfaces, ensuring a pristine and germ-free interior.


The ozone machine is a simple and effective way to sterilize the air and eliminate harmful bacteria, viruses, spores, molds, and dust mites.


"Just a brief note to say how pleased we have been with the service from Above & Below Marine.

You respond to our request quickly and diligently, often with short notice. The work is carried out with care and

attention and you communicate the status which is always appreciated.

All this with good humour thrown in! Thank you Above & Below Marine

Jake Jacobson - Yacht Management Auckland

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